Tagrin the Mentor

Tagrin lead the Bearers of the Black Torch, a dangerous guild of Assassins.


Tagrin’s reputation outgrew his ability to remain a secret and he gladly threw aside all pretenses years ago. He dresses all in black, his face obscured by an ivory masked carved into the likeness of a skull. The lower half of his face is tattooed to complete the image of a death’s head visage. His past is littered with corpses,and any who try to stand in his way quickly join them.


Tagrin lived as a slave for decades. He tilled land and did backbreaking labor for callous slave-masters. It was said that he was one of the brave souls working behind the scenes to bring about the great save rebellion that expelled the humans from their cities. He receives no official credit for his services, and left to his devices he began to employ his skills for profit. As years passed he took on followers, taught them his craft and established the most terrifying organization of professional killer’s on Earth.

Tagrin the Mentor

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